Understanding AI through the lens of care

First Encounters with Evaluators


In the world of AI, every project comes with its unique set of challenges. One such adventure was streamlining the quiz review process at Gooey.ai, and let me tell you, it was quite a journey. Imagine having to evaluate a staggering 1000 quizzes, each loaded with Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) generated by the powerful Chat GPT. The initial turnaround time for this colossal task was a whopping 3 weeks. But we were determined to find a smarter way to get the job done. ... Read More

Simple LLM Understanding


Someone asked me about the mental models I use for implementing and test LLMs. A quick note about it here.

(Open GPT based models) If you have worked with multi disciplinary teams, it’s very easy I feel. Think about it like you would when you communicate between multi modal teams. Address the LLM as a team member with their own backstory and nuance. Split into parts: ... Read More

Tracing Timelines in AI


It seems strange to trace timelines of genAI explorations - but the last few hype cycles have been so fast and churned out so much. After a year (little over) in this world, I think it's important to do a quick review. This post is more for me to reflect on my journey, ... Read More