Computational Mama | Ambika

Understanding AI through the lens of care

She/her. A creative technolist / AI tinkerer / mom person. India / Netherlands.

Computational Mama/Ambika is an AI prompt crafter, Creative technologist, and product designer currently working as a AI (LLM and GEN AI) Product Evangelist and Community Manager at GOOEY.AI. She has experience in applied GenAI prompting, specializing in using Large Language Models (LLMs), text and image prompting, image diffusion since early 2019.

She brings her experience as a Twitch Streamer and creative coding educator to Gooey.AI, developing and facilitating beginner content and workshops for Generative AI. She has been the recipient of the prestigious Processing Foundation Fellowship, curated AIxDesign’s AI Playground program and has been featured in Casey Reas' list of upcoming creative coding artists.

Since 2020, she has taught the basics of creative coding focusing on designers and makers independently and through organisations and institutes to over 200 students, and countless more on live Twitch streams. She has also taught about 40 workshops since September 2022 on Stable Diffusion, chatGPT, and all the latest generative AI tools. Her moniker computational mama has built her a niche community of makers and coders on Instagram. She also runs a creative technology studio called Ajaibghar.